Breast implants have been a subject of debate for decades. The truth is, there are some women that like the idea of having bigger breasts but don’t like the idea of breast implants. There are several ways to do breast enhancements or breast augmentations. Of course, the standard way has been to use silicone inside the breast to create the augmentation. This creates a very nice and natural look in many women and gives the patient a chance to create a large enhancement if they desire. Now, a new stem cell therapy proposes that “natural” breast implants may be more feasible than we think – without the complications of traditional breast implants.

This procedure instead uses the fat from your own body to increase the size of the breasts. The fat is removed through liposuction from a body area with excess fat and then injected into the breasts for augmentation. Fat removed by liposuction contains stem cells, which can develop into different types of tissue, depending on where it is placed in the body. At SF Bay Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology, we do this procedure by using liposuction with a special laser called a tickle lipo. We transplant the fat from the tickle lipo into the breast. This causes certain areas of the breast to have a lifting and enhancing effect. The treatment is anticipated to be able to provide an increase of a full cup size for women who choose to undergo this procedure.

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The best thing about this type of breast augmentation is you are able to use your own tissue. There is no foreign material placed inside of you, which helps you get results that are very natural. If you are one of those people who want something very natural, this is the best route to go. Give SF Bay Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology a call at (925) 275-9333 to set up a consultation and get ready to experience the future of breast augmentation.