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Do you want to look your best, whether in business or in your personal life? “Yes!” is the resounding answer! The only question is, How?


At SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology Medical Group, our weight management program provides a multi-level approach to treat each individual with just the right personalized methods.  Our goal is to help each person lose weight, improve lean body mass, and maintain weight loss.  All of our programs are closely medically supervised by physicians, NP’s and PA’s.

Our Beliefs

People are genetically different and are overweight for a variety of reasons.  Different patients respond to different methods of weight loss, so the program must be tailored to the individual.  This is why no single method of weight management works for everyone.  Our program is designed to find just the right combination of dietary changes, exercise, and behavioral modification to help you lose weight and maintain weight loss.

It’s Not Your Fault!

In general, the tendency to become overweight is genetic or inherited.  Why can some people eat like crazy and never gain weight?  They picked their parents right!  Each person’s body has a predetermined tendency to go toward a particular weight.  Our environment (eating habits, exercise, etc.) then adjust that weight up or down under different circumstances.  We strive to find the right combination to improve your weight as much as is genetically possible.

Wouldn’t you like to begin the new year, with a new you? We know you are beautiful on the inside. Let the world see how beautiful you are on the outside. Our patient’s enjoy their new look in those important business meetings and in their more personal moments. With state of the art treatments and renowned facility, we can personalize a treatment that best fits you. Are you trying as hard as you can to lose those few inches? Is your schedule too busy to go to the gym? Dr. Riopelle’s success lets you enjoy the body you deserve.*

The Four Programs

Our health care professionals will do an initial overall assessment and help you on the most appropriate weight management level.

Classic Norcal Program

In this program, you are placed on a specific reduced calorie or carbohydrate eating plan of 3 to 5 meals per day.

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Smart Weight Loss

Smart Weight Loss-™ is a weight loss system specifically designed to help you lose weight both overall and in specific areas of the body.

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Rapid Fat Burning

It’s a physician-prescribed weight loss program that includes a proprietary formula to give you just the right combination of macros.

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All Natural Program

This program is designed for the patient who prefers to want to lose weight  using natural herbal supplements.

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Behavioral Modifications
Starting at week 1, patients will be enrolled in the online behavioral modification program.  The behavioral modification program is critical to the patient’s success. Long term success drops off dramatically if the patient does not participate in the behavioral modification.
Dietary Protocol
All patients will start a medically supervised liquid weight loss regimen combined with a specific, single vegetable and protein daily meal. Patients will space 4 shakes plus one Vegi-Protein meal approximately three to four hours apart, taking in calories 5 times per day.
Office Visit Follow-Up
A time-table for procedures and starting the Smart Weight Loss™ Protocol is discussed with the patient and agreed upon. The patient comes in every week, once a week, on a drop in basis for a weigh-in and again the next week for a visit with the provider or staff.

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