Smart Weight Loss

Smart Weight Loss™ is a weight loss system specifically designed to help you lose weight both overall and in specific areas of the body, for example the abdomen, the hips, the thighs, or the arms, etc. The Smart Weight Loss System involves the use of a very specific liquid diet developed by a team of endocrinologists at UCLA combined with a once a day high protein low carbohydrate meal (called a vegi-protein meal).  The medical food formula has been used by many physicians on tens of thousands of patients so it has a very long track record of success and safety.

Briefly, you will consume a three time per day liquid diet that is specially formulated to provide just the right combination of nutrients to burn fat at a rapid rate and spare muscle tissue.  You will combine this liquid program with a single meal consisting of high protein foods and vegetables.  You’ll stay on this formulation for six to twelve weeks or more depending on your goals.  Once you have completed this 6 to 12 week rapid fat burning phase, you will be converted gradually back to regular food appropriate for your body type.