Anyone Need Weight Loss?

Discover the unique weight loss options that are available to get you ready for the spring and summer months, including Dr. Donna Riopelle’s very own soon-to-be published research, the Riopelle Fat Type.

Now is a great time to lose weight with either our “Rapid Fat Burning Weight Loss Program” or “Smart Weight Loss.” Both are proprietary weight loss programs developed by Dr. Jeff Riopelle and Dr. Donna Riopelle. These two programs involve the use of a proprietary weight loss shakes developed by a team of endocrinologists at UCLA. Both programs kick-start the body into a rapid fat burning mode of energy consumption. Fat is preferentially burned, sparing protein and muscle tissue. Patients are followed at 2- or 4-week intervals, and they also receive special injections (if desired) of a formula called MIC, which further enhances weight loss.

Patients lose 4 to 6 lbs. a week for men and 2 to 4 lbs. for women.

Dr. Donna Riopelle recently completed her doctorate program at Samuel Merritt and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland while doing her research study on her own invention, the Riopelle Fat Type.  The Riopelle Fat Type was designed based on the Fitzpatrick skin type and categorizes patients into fat types 1 through 6, which is a unique way of determining a patient’s health risk for their weight. For example, Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger both have a BMI of 35, which would suggest both are obese.  As we know, not only is Arnold not obese, but he is very fit. Under Dr. Donna’s Riopelle Fat Type classification system, Danny Devito is a fat type 6 (high risk for disease) and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fat type 2 (low risk for disease). Dr. Donna Riopelle will be publishing her research study this coming year. If you’re interested in finding out your fat type, just ask Dr. Donna Riopelle. It is very quick and takes only a minute.