Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Regenerative cells are available through only a small number of physicians in the US (about 200). Dr Riopelle and Donna Riopelle are on the cutting edge of this therapeutic treatment through their work with the Ageless Regenerative institute in Palm Beach Florida and the American Society of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. Donna Riopelle is board certified in this field. How does this effect you as a cosmetic patient of ours? You have asked us to help you maintain your youthfulness and vigor cosmetically and we are best equipped to help you with this both internally and externally.

Of course, as you know we use the latest laser, plasma, ultrasonic, and light therapies, as well topical creams and oral supplements designed to help maintain a youthful appearance.

What is most exciting and new is our use of your own cells in the form of stem cells, taken from your own fat, to help restore youthfulness. Stem cells from fat are what are called multi-potent, meaning they can be made into to many different types of body tissues. The role of stem cells is to repair and maintain the tissue in which they are found. Skin for example contains stem cells but they are few in number nornally. Fat, on the other hand, contains millions of stem cells per ml, and when placed into skin they actually become skin stem cells and they are capable of this same ability to repair and maintain. Thus, they can reduce structural defects, signs of aging, irregular pigmentation, and fine lines, while creating new collagen growth. In short they promote a much younger much healthier looking new you. ( Amazingly they can achieve the same repair when injected into a joint. They have even been shown to help regenerate new cartilage.)

How do we get them into your skin? Very simply, we most commonly do either a Fraxel 1550 laser treatment or a fractional CO2 laser treatment depending on your age and degree of facial aging. Either treatment puts thousands of microscopic holes into your skin, so that we can just paint on the stem cells suspended in PRP (platelet rich plasma made from your blood) and the cells actually absorb into your skin through the holes. The results? Fabulous. The name of the treatment? Facial Rejuvenation. You have to try this amazing treatment to believe it.

Another Advance using stem cell is the stem cell facelift. Many of with time lose facial fat, collagen, and even bone so that our skin becomes hollow in areas such as under the eyes and and in the cheeks and in the laugh lines. Our face looks droopy as a result. The old treatment was to do a facelift, but people with drooping due to this volume loss looked fake with a facelift (see older pictures of actresses). Since the real problem is loss of volume, replacing the volume markedly reduces that aged look.

Volume replacement can be done with fillers, but the problem here is that fillers are expensive to maintain and give only smaller volume increases. Fat with stem cells on the other hand lasts many years and it is easy to get enough fat to transfer 100 cc’s for a reasonably small cost, as opposed to a filler where a 100 cc’s would cost $60,000 and would last only a year. The old problem with fat is that alone it often doesn’t survive when transferred. The stem cells help maintain the fat, insuring their survival. Additionally one gets all the same benefits of skin rejuvenation over time that the stem cells add as described above. We treat any area that needs volume with fat plus stem cells, but areas that don’t need volume still get treated with pure stem cells, so they also rejuvenate. It’s a win win situation.

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