Many people are interested in finding an effective and long-lasting way to combat the signs of aging without the need to undergo surgery. By using radiofrequency energy, the skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen naturally. ThermiTight® can help you look as young as you feel.

ThermiTight® has a variety of skin benefits, including boosting collagen production, reducing connective tissue, pulling the skin tighter, and reducing the size of stubborn fat pockets. During the procedure, the clinician makes sure to adjust and monitor the heat applied to the skin and underlying tissue. Of course, there are other non-invasive treatments that focus on skin tightening and rejuvenation, but ThermiTight® is one of the best alternatives and has gained a lot of popularity. It is more cost-effective and a lot less painful substitute to plastic surgery, which is usually a lengthy treatment, expensive, and more pain.


  • Can be performed on neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, thighs, and knees
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Minimally invasive
  • Long-lasting results

How Thermitight® Works?

By using radiofrequency energy and a small temperature-controlled probe, your provider will gently heat targeted tissues until the desired endpoint is achieved. ThermiTight® results become more noticeable over time. While ThermiTight® technology is relatively new, there are a lot of exciting possibilities that it offers. This skin-tightening procedure is long-lasting and is perfect for those that have been looking for an alternative without having to be cut open.

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