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At SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology San Ramon we have excellent treatments available for virtually every cosmetic condition. Our office is equipped with high-end devices and we offer the world’s best and most advanced treatments and technology.

At SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology San Ramon we get you fast results, the way you want it.

Dr. Riopelle is an expert at making you look your best. Dr. Riopelle holds many awards and accolades from the such prestigious academies as the American Society of Cosmetic and Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery & the International Society of Laser Surgery and the College of Phlebotomy (veins)

Our Team and Medical Staff

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Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle

Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Learn More about Jeffrey Riopelle


Our Philosophy

We have strived to provide the most up to date technology.  We believe in getting the latest equipment and constantly upgrading to bring you cutting edge technology.  The field is evolving very rapidly and we want patients to have the best options currently available to improve themselves.
That leads us to the second thing that sets us apart.  We customize our care for you.  Because we have so many great cosmetic technology options, and so much experience with them we can customize the care just for you the patient.  No matter what the patient’s age, skin type, body type or size, we have the flexibility in technology to outline just the right plan.  As they say if all you have is a hammer you treat everyone as if they are a nail.  Just the opposite with our practice.  We look at you, the individual, and customize a program based on your unique individual needs.
Our practice specializes primarily in no down-time to minimal downtime cosmetic procedures.   In today’s busy world, patients need and want procedures that they can have on a Thursday of Friday and go back to work on the following Monday.  Most of our procedures fit this bill.
The fourth thing that sets us apart is that our goal is to “WOW” you. From our great staff to our wonderful providers, you’ll be surrounded by warm caring professionals with years of experience.  We believe in going the extra mile for our patients.  We’ll settle for nothing less.  We want you to leave saying “Wow, they work really hard for me and they really do care”, and that’s what we hear from our patients all the time.

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Professional Societies

  • Board Member Ethical Society of Cosmetic Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery
  • California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • International Society of Laser Surgery
  • American College of Phlebology
  • California Medical Association
  • Alameda/Contra Costa County Medical Association
  • Platinum member (highest level awarded) of Botox Physicians Network

Why SF Bay Cosmetic Dermatology San Ramon?

What really makes our practice most unique is that we combine cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and expertise in anti-aging all in one very unique practice.  To us, beauty is just not skin deep.  We prefer to work on the whole individual, because if we’re healthy inside, we’ll be healthy outside and age more slowly outside as well.   While we’ve removed hundreds of skin cancers and thousands of moles, treated hundreds of acne patients, and performed thousands of cosmetic procedures, we also have extensive training in anti-aging and weight loss.  Anti-aging is essentially the optimization of diet, exercise, nutritional intake, and hormones to allow one to age internally and externally as gradually as possible.   We believe that when we combine these techniques with our cosmetic surgery and dermatology approaches, we can help patients to the best possible long term outcomes.  By the same token, we view your experience with us not as a onetime procedure with us, but as an ongoing relationship to help you for many years to come.  To help us with our approach, I personally authored a book,  My Personal Trainer, a comprehensive guide to Fitness and Health.  We also have a full-fledged multi-level weight loss program to help our patients lose weight quickly and safely.

Besides our broad range of services and expertise, customer service is key. Our staff is highly selected and trained to help make patients comfortable when they come to an appointment and have a procedure.  We describe procedures in detail, outline risks, and answer all questions. In addition, we have a cosmetically appealing office, and go the extra mile for our patients to help them get great results and be a happy patient.

We take pride in creating a strong bond with each patient.  We view patients as being with us for a lifetime, and the majority of our patient visits are by patients who have been with us for some time, often years.  From the first time in our office, patients feel the warmth and sincerity of our providers and staff.  A  patient  who has now been with us for several years said recently “I’ve been to several other offices for sometimes very expensive cosmetic procedures.  After the procedure it was as if they were done with me.  What I like about your office is that you treat me as a whole and continually outline a plan for me to stay looking and feeling my best.”

We do not do every possible type of cosmetic procedure.  We specialize in procedures with little or no downtime.  When it comes to more major procedures, we have specialists for each cosmetic procedure that we feel are best at that procedure, and we coordinate the referral to that specialist.  For example we have a plastic or cosmetic surgeon we feel is best at breast implants, another who is best at breast reductions, and another who is best at facelifts and so on.   We work closely with those surgeons and see patients back for all their other cosmetic needs after the cosmetic procedure with the other specialist